Creation of Li Er, carefully crafted by our head chef

Established in 2015, Li Er is a Penang-born brand specializing in authentic Peranakan Kuih and delicacies with a modern touch.
Through their journey of spreading the Peranakan culinary and culture, Li Er is devoted to deliver their star product,
Penang Nyonya Bihun to your doorstep in any parts of Malaysia so that everyone can cook the local's favourite dish at home in minutes!
Penang Nyonya Bihun!!!

Over a Year of Meticulous Planning, Research & Trials
Developed and launched the star product, Penang Nyonya Bihun
Each packet contains 4-5pax of Bee Hoon + secret-blend Nyonya sauce packet

100% Natural
Over 10 types of natural spices used in our secret-blend Nyonya sauce

Pleasantly Sweet & Tangy
Non-greasy, aromatic, and appetizing



Perfect For Kitchen Novice



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  For more information, please contact:

014-600 3757

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Our product is vacuum packed and can last for 6 months period.

Just keep the product at a dry and cool place, and avoid direct sunlight.

Please keep the Bihun at a dry and cool place, and keep the sauce in a fridge.

Once the payment is done, it takes around 3 – 5 working days (West Malaysia Delivery) to reach your destination.

The product is not too spicy and it is quite suitable for kids.

The product contains onion and garlic. It doesn’t contain any meat derivatives.

No, it is packed together with the Bihun.